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We plan the installation of our camps to ensure there is no environmental damage to the sites. When we dismantle the camps annually, we are careful not to leave our tracks behind (through methods such as portable toilets that breakdown waste).
All the garbage generated by each camp is transported away for disposal. We are working on a solution for 100% solar energy, but in the meantime, we use gas refrigerators and gas cooking facilities. The camps are illuminated by solar lamps and candle light. The Oasis camps is illuminated by candle light and electricity.

Our Action for Sustainable Development : Desert Camp

To allow the 20 children from the neighbouring village of Ifert to attend high school in the city of Tazzarine, we set up a school transportation service. We have also provided the library with computers.

Our Action for Sustainable Development : Oasis Camp

We have built an irrigation canal around the Oasis Camp. All the members of the staff at the camp were recruited from the nearby village of Tasselmant.